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Workshops have been created to cater to different levels of yoga (see below for level breakdown). These workshops should be taken in order to help build a foundation for one to feel comfortable moving forward into the class sessions. Attending the same level workshop a few times, and continuing workshops in between classes is highly recommended. The workshops will be repeated often so if you have missed a level, just catch it the next week! 


In a workshop environment there is a lot of instruction with the intention of really slowing down and truly understanding the mechanics of our own bodies while focusing on one pose at a time. There is a lot of personal one-on-one attention given to each student to help explore the body and what is right for each of us as we move through the poses. 



Level 1: The Basics (Root & Trunk): All new students beginning their yoga journey will be introduced to yogic philosophy, learn how to breathe, still the mind, and to bring focus. Learning Sun Salutations are the base fundamentals for any yoga practice. We will study each pose individually, using the necessary props, alignment, and modifications as needed per individual.

Level 2: Integration (Branches): Here will integrate everything we have learned in the last workshop. We will start to synchronize our body movements with our breath, flowing from one pose to another. 

Level 3: Expansion (Leaves): Now that we know how to flow properly in our Sun Salutations, will start exploring other poses more indepth such as warrior poses, inversions, and backbends. This is the only workshop that may vary in what is being taught that class period. This workshop is a great tool to keep learning different poses in between classes. 

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