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We enjoy taking the yogic practice a step deeper than what we usually see in the western culture. Integrating yogic philosophy, pranayama (breathwork), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), mantras, balance, and proper poses with the use of props are aspects of yoga that will be a main focus in both classes and workshops. We enjoy using these tools and really diving into each person's individual journey of understanding what yoga is and means for them. 


Students can practice yoga alongside any belief system that they may carry, and incorporating more aspects of yoga helps to create a well-rounded body and mind. 


Types of Yoga Offered: Hatha and Vinyasa

Have you ever attended a yoga class and felt like you didn’t know what was going on? Was it moving too fast? Were you afraid to ask questions? Find out below how we have structured learning to fit this need!


To really break things down and create a solid foundation to explore yoga further,  students will attend workshops in either Hatha or Vinyasa to move forward to the classes. Students also have the option to demonstrate their knowledge before moving forward. 


Hatha Yoga refers to the balancing of our receptive (Ida) and active (Pingala) energies. This balance is achieved through slow-flowing movement, well-aligned postures, breath work, intentional core engagement, and meditation.


Hatha Classes incorporate the knowledge and experience gained in the workshop and readying students for the class environment. Students will require less one-on-one assistance and possess the knowledge of breathing in full synchronization as their body moves through Sun salutations and a full hatha practice.  


Vinyasa Yoga stands in opposition to hatha yoga. Hatha yoga focuses on one pose at a time with a rest inbetween. In contrast, vinyasa yoga strings together poses, creating an ever-moving and flowing  sequence. In vinyasa yoga, each movement is synchronized with the breath. 


Vinyasa Classes are designed for less one-on-one instruction and for more practical application as you are guided by the instructor. 



Single ("Drop-In") Class

Yoga Class Drop-In: $12

Meditation Class Drop-In: $10



Punch Card

10-Class Punch Card: $100*

Student 10-Class Punch Card: $80**

*Valid for yoga AND meditation classes

**Must present student ID when purchasing


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